The Importance of Documentation

A bit of a discussion/rant about software documentation and its increasing importance in modern times.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Review

Let's review the sequel to the film that started it all for me.

Debian Stable for a Month

I decided to install Debian and stick with stable for a month. And it went rather well!

I Hosted my own Social Media Site

I tried hosting my own social media site. Here's how it went!

Web Integrity API

Let's talk about this a bit...

What should be the introductory programming language

What should be the best programming language to teach someone first?

Building your own geolocation API

How to develop your own geolocation API and avoid third party services like Google Maps.

Where did /home go?...

I swear, every time I try starting up my blog again, something explodes.

First look at Mycroft

A look at the open source AI voice assistant


Let's start the old blog back up.